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Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (MDT), or “The McKenzie Method”

Back and Neck Pain

Our clinicians are trained in the use of the McKenzie Method for the mechanical assessment and treatment of back and neck pain. One of the most researched physical therapy methods available, the McKenzie Method includes assessment, treatment, and prevention phases.


The therapist takes the patient through a thorough history and also testing of movements to identify specific patterns of pain response. These patterns are reproducible, objective, reliable, and reflect the characteristics of the underlying pain generator.

The assessment provides a rational guide to the most optimal treatment strategy for the patient.


McKenzie treatment takes advantage of the patient’s own movements to abolish pain and restore function. The use of more hands on treatment techniques come later in the treatment progression when safe or necessary to do so.

In cases when a patient does not respond mechanically, alternative means of treatment or further medical evaluation is warranted.


Prevention: Most patients who respond favorably to the McKenzie Method can successfully treat themselves. By learning how to self-treat the current problem, patients gain hands-on knowledge on how to minimize the risk of recurrence and how to quickly manage themselves if symptoms do occur.

The goals of the McKenzie Method are to:
  • Reduce pain and deformity
  • Maintain the reduction with education and posture advice
  • Restore full function
  • Prevent recurrences
Utilizing the McKenzie Method, we treat many common neck and back conditions including:
  • Acute or chronic neck and back pain
  • Herniated “slipped” discs
  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Degenerative arthritis
  • Sciatica
  • Stenosis
  • Radiculopathy (pain radiating down the arm or leg)

Custom Orthotic Fabrication Performed On Site

A foot orthosis, or orthotic, is a supportive device that is worn in a shoe in order to improve the biomechanical alignment of the foot. In turn, this can improve the biomechanical alignment of the entire lower extremity, pelvis and spine. In our orthotics lab at Shoreline Physical Therapy, we provide custom and non-custom (“off-the-shelf”) orthotics, as well as a variety of temporary pads and inserts for our patients. Within one hour, we will perform a physical therapy evaluation, biomechanical analysis, orthotics measurement/molding and fabrication, evaluation of fit and education on proper break-in, use and care of your orthotics. Minor adjustments can be made in the future at no additional charge. With the ability to fabricate orthotics on site, we are able to offer our patients a more cost-effective and convenient service as compared to other providers and orthotic systems that require more expensive and time-consuming outsourcing of services.

Biomechanical Lower Extremity Assessments

In our physical therapy clinic, we will analyze your body’s alignment and movement patterns under a variety of conditions including standing, squatting, lunging, walking, running and hopping. We will correlate these findings with those of our physical therapy evaluation and formulate a treatment strategy to maximize your recovery and function. Additionally, we will provide footwear recommendations with a customized referral form to take to your shoe store of choice.

Biomechanical Throwing Analysis

One of our areas of special interest is in the evaluation and mechanical assessment of overhead athletes. We have been fortunate over the years to work with many throwers ranging from little leaguers to major leaguers. Through a comprehensive exam, which includes an assessment of throwing mechanics (from feet to hands), joint mobility, flexibility, posture, muscle motor control, and strength, we are able to identify potential problem areas and provide the appropriate treatment or remedial plan to help the athlete return to a safe, efficient, more successful level of play. prominent surgeons and professional team physicians around the country who refer athletes to us, understand our fervor for treating overhead athletes and appreciate the experience and skill level that our staff provides their patients. Whether you’re a high school shortstop suffering from elbow pain or a minor league prospect in need of rehab following shoulder surgery, we can help.

To schedule an evaluation with Michael at Shoreline Physical Therapy please phone 910-791-0396.  Questions can be sent to shorelinept@gmail.com.

Post-operative Therapy Following Common Surgical Procedures Such as ACL Reconstruction, Rotator Cuff Repair, Arthroscopy, and Joint Replacement

We treat a wide variety of post-operative conditions ranging from simple arthroscopic procedures to more complex reconstructions and replacements including:

  • Ligamentous reconstructions of the shoulder, elbow, knee, ankle and foot
  • Arthroscopic surgeries of the shoulder, elbow, hip, knee, ankle and foot
  • Joint replacement surgeries of the shoulder, hip and knRehabilitation Following Traumatic Injuries, Such as Fractures and Sprains

Treatment of Complex Knee and Shoulder Injuries

Treatment of Sports Injuries