Post-surgery Rehab

February 11th, 2016
About Knee Post-surgery Rehab Other types of surgeries for the knee are fracture repairs or ligament/tissue repair from trauma. The amount of force it takes to break bone means that the soft tissues around the knee are most likely significantly injured also. After surgery, due to limited movement, the range of motion is lost as well as strength. Since walking is a very complex action of different muscles moving in a coordinated fashion, it can be difficult to walk after knee surgery.
How physical therapy helps Physical therapy is an important part of the rehabilitative process after knee surgery. Depending on your surgery and your physician’s protocols, we gently progress you through a structured rehabilitation program. The goal is to restore pain-free range of motion in the knee while maintaining surgery recovery protocols. Finally, walking coordination, balance and strength are improved so you can return to normal pain-free walking. Call us today to learn more about our post-surgery rehabilitation program.