Biomechanical Throwing Analysis Wilmington, NC

Biomechanical Throwing Analysis

One of our areas of special interest is in the evaluation and mechanical assessment of overhead athletes. We have been fortunate over the years to work with many throwers ranging from little leaguers to major leaguers. Through a comprehensive exam, which includes an assessment of throwing mechanics (from feet to hands), joint mobility, flexibility, posture, muscle motor control, and strength, we are able to identify potential problem areas and provide the appropriate treatment or remedial plan to help the athlete return to a safe, efficient, more successful level of play. Prominent surgeons and professional team physicians around the country who refer athletes to Shoreline Physical Therapy, understand our fervor for treating overhead athletes and appreciate the experience and skill level that our staff provides their patients. Whether you’re a high school shortstop suffering from elbow pain or a minor league prospect in need of rehab following shoulder surgery, our physical therapist can help. To schedule your biomechanical throwing analysis, contact Shoreline Physical Therapy today!”