Custom Orthotic Fabrication Wilmington, NC

Custom Orthotic Fabrication

A foot orthosis, or orthotic, is a supportive device that is worn in a shoe in order to improve the biomechanical alignment of the foot. In turn, this can improve the biomechanical alignment of the entire lower extremity, pelvis and spine. In our orthotics lab at Shoreline Physical Therapy, we provide custom and non-custom (“off-the-shelf”) orthotics, as well as a variety of temporary pads and inserts for our patients. Within one hour, we will perform a physical therapy evaluation, biomechanical analysis, orthotics measurement/molding and fabrication, evaluation of fit and education on proper break-in, use and care of your orthotics. Minor adjustments can be made in the future at no additional charge. With the ability to fabricate orthotics on site, we are able to offer our patients a more cost-effective and convenient service as compared to other providers and orthotic systems that require more expensive and time-consuming outsourcing of services. For more information, Contact us at Wilmington, NC center.