An Active Lifestyle Can Improve Your Health. Try These 5 Activities to Get Moving.

November 15th, 2020
An Active Lifestyle Can Improve Your Health. Try These 5 Activities to Get Moving.

If you spend your days hobbling painfully from your bed to your reclining chair and back, the notion of pursuing any kind of vigorous activity may be the furthest thing from your mind. The truth, however, is that getting active can vastly improve your health, your comfort, mobility, and overall quality of life. Here are five activity suggestions from our physical therapist that you might genuinely enjoy adding to your lifestyle. Contact Shoreline Physical Therapy today!

Activity #1: Walking or Running

Walking is one of those ideal activities that require no special equipment and makes perfect practical sense. If you have to make a short trip, why waste gasoline when you can get some fresh air and low-impact exercise instead? Walking gives your circulation a healthy boost without making excessive demands on your body. It also gets your weight-bearing joints moving — and that’s a huge benefit if you struggle with arthritis. Running is more demanding on the heart, lungs, and knees than walking, but if it’s a safe and viable option for you, the results could be significantly better. Improved blood flow, increased aerobic capacity, increased strength, and stress relief are only a few of the many benefits of running. If running is too difficult at first, consider doing some running and walking intervals, maybe 30 seconds of running and 2 minutes walking. Over time, slowly increase your running time and decrease your walking time.

Activity #2: Stretching

If regular physical activity hasn’t been a part of your daily life for quite some time but your ready to begin, a good stretching routine might be the place to start. Stretching keeps your muscles strong, flexible, and healthy which is necessary for good joint mobility. Without flexibility, the muscles and other soft tissues in our body and around our joints get tight causing joint stiffness and decreased range of motion which can lead to poor function, muscle weakness, or muscle strains. For example, prolonged sitting can cause muscle tightness in your hamstrings and hip flexors which in turn can make it difficult to straighten your knee or stand up tall. Not only is stretching good for your muscles but a vigorous flexibility routine can also improve your cardiovascular health. 20 minutes of good stretching can cause a little sweat and get the heart pumping!

Activity #3: Cycling

Cycling gets you where you want to go while offering a number of health benefits. The aerobic workout can help you improve your heart health, while the simple act of operating the bike exercises your balance and builds leg strength. If you have back pain or knee problems, cycling is also lower-impact than running.

Activity #4: Swimming

If even walking hurts too much these days, maybe you should take a dip in the pool instead. Swimming is tremendously helpful for people with arthritis or extremity injuries because the water eases the forces of gravity on the body. Even if you can’t swim, try some healthy walking or dog-paddling in the water.

Activity #5: Weight Training

Lifting weights isn’t just for “muscle-heads.” Weight training can help you build the muscle tissue that helps to support your joints. Stronger muscles tire less easily and are less vulnerable to painful strains. Working with weights also helps you maintain your bone density and avoid age-related muscle wasting.

Part of Your Balanced Physical Therapy Program

You can pursue any or all of these activities at your leisure, or you can ask our physical therapist about integrating them into a full-scale physical therapy program. The latter approach could prove especially wise if you’re rehabilitating an injury, unsure of your exercise tolerance, or battling a particular chronic pain issue.

Our physical therapist can evaluate your health and prescribe the right activities for your needs and goals. Don’t Take Pain or Illness Lying Down — Get Moving and Visit Shoreline Physical Therapy! 

Life is too wonderful to spend it in bed or in your chair. Get up right now and schedule a visit to Shoreline Physical Therapy. It’s the best move you could possibly make to improve your health!


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